Loredana Ubalducci – General and Operations Manager

Graduated in languages at the University of Urbino, translator in English, French and Spanish, with a long experience in important translation agencies behind her.

As Project Manager and Language Lead she manages translations under technical, operational, quality control and administrative aspects, with excellent flexibility and according to the principles of respect and cooperation.

In coordinating teamwork in the correct time and manner, she strives to value all the people who share her project, each according to their skills and aptitudes.

She supports collaborating linguists, freelance translators and proofreaders, and clients. The quality of his work is immediately noticeable in the details, especially when operating under pressure.

Roberto Jobet – Marketing and Technical Manager

At Mercury Translations, he is the multifaceted figure currently in charge of technological innovation applied to the world of translation: he is Chilean by birth, naturalized Canadian and Italian by adoption. Living on three different continents has led him to develop a genuine interest in languages: in fact, he is fluent in five of them, including Mandarin Chinese.

Roberto’s skills as a translator have always been complemented by extensive technical expertise and an in-depth knowledge of computer systems. It is thanks to his input that Mercury has adopted the most modern and sophisticated technologies for DTP, computer-aided translation (CAT), machine translation (MT), and quality assurance (QA) processes.

10 reasons to choose Mercury

For 25 years we have been providing professional translation services from law firms to large multinationals

Our team of translators and proofreaders are professionals specialised in different expertise areas

We provide professional translations in around 50 language combinations

Depending on the type of document to be translated, we have the pricing plan that best suits your needs

We are a high-tech company, from computer-aided translation to the latest generation of machine translation systems

In 25 years, we have gained considerable experience in different industries

Depending on the type of document, specific quality checks are performed to ensure the accuracy of the translation

All our procedures comply with the ISO 17100:2015 Standard

In the handling of received documents, a number of procedures are applied to protect the security and privacy of your data

Thanks to a team of around 1,500 translators and proofreaders, we are able to meet all kinds of needs in terms of delivery time

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