Professional translation services

professional translation services

Our areas of expertise

The quality of our professional translations is based on the linguistic proficiency and academic training of each native-speaking translator/reviewer in our clients’ industry.

technical translations

Technical translations

Translations of all kinds of technical documentation for industry, in printed form or for websites: installation, user and maintenance manuals, technical data sheets, handouts, professional catalogues, product guides.

scientific translations

Scientific translations

We provide scientific translations for the research, medical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries: we select native translators and reviewers for scientific services based on their expertise in the individual Life Sciences disciplines.

patent translations

Patent translations

A fundamental legal tool for exporting innovation to foreign markets, patent translations are our real core business: we are able to translate patents in more than 50 language combinations.

trademark translations

Trademark translations

We assist patent attorneys and law firms dealing with trademarks and Intellectual Property law in the translation of documentation relating to prior art searches, trademark registration and litigation procedures.

legal translations

Legal translations

The legal sector represents one of our areas of excellence. Certified and sworn translations for legal acts, contracts are taken care of by our specialized translators, who are able to meet any request coming from national and international law firms

financial translations

Financial translations

We translate financial documents such as financial statements and audits, reports and minutes, market analyses, press releases, for the insurance industry, banks, investment firms and auditing firms

Professional specialist translations

For more than 25 years, technical and marketing departments or legal and foreign offices of international companies, intellectual property and patent offices, universities and research centres have relied on us for their specialist translations.

professional translations

What sets us apart

At Mercury you’ll immediately find a different approach from that of the large Language Service Providers: when you request a language service, we already have the most appropriate native speaker translator and proofreader in mind to work with the specific terminology of your industry.

The perfect person to take on your specific assignment, without the limitations and constraints of in-house translators.

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10 reasons

10 reasons to choose Mercury

For 25 years we have been providing professional translation services from law firms to large multinationals

Our team of translators and proofreaders are professionals specialised in different expertise areas

We provide professional translations in around 50 language combinations

Depending on the type of document to be translated, we have the pricing plan that best suits your needs

We are a high-tech company, from computer-aided translation to the latest generation of machine translation systems

In 25 years, we have gained considerable experience in different industries

Depending on the type of document, specific quality checks are performed to ensure the accuracy of the translation

All our procedures comply with the ISO 17100:2015 Standard

In the handling of received documents, a number of procedures are applied to protect the security and privacy of your data

Thanks to a team of around 1,500 translators and proofreaders, we are able to meet all kinds of needs in terms of delivery time

quality translations

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