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Technical Translations of user manuals and documents

Translations of installation, operation and maintenance manuals, data sheets, handouts, professional catalogs, product guides, drawings, boards, transparencies, regulations: among our strengths is the translation of all kinds of technical documentation for industry, whether in hard copy or for websites. We entrust our language services for technical fields only to experienced native translators who have trained in the client’s professional environment

Translating technique and technology for the global market

We have been in the business of translating technical documents for more than 25 years: trusted by SMEs, historical brands and organizations active in major technical and scientific industries to communicate in foreign markets and sell products and services worldwide.

Translations to make complexity accessible

Our mastery of technical terminology and knowledge of the writing conventions for each subject and specialization enable us to come up with translations that are perfectly functional, usable and in line with the purposes of the required documents.

Language translation: technical areas of specialization

Our focus is technical translation services that favor the following industries and manufacturing activities. For an overview of our technical expertise areas, please see the Industries page

Professional multilingual desktop publishing (MDTP)

In multilingual desktop publishing, the length of translated text can differ greatly from one language to another: while German and Russian have very long words, bidirectional Middle Eastern languages can change the order of writing from right to left. This is why it is important to rely on the right hands of DTP experts, so as to obtain perfect layouts, in the most commonly used formats and ready for publication, both for the web and printed documents

Customised glossaries for technical documentation

The synergy between linguistic expertise and technical-specialist preparation facilitates the application of the exact terminology in the translation of the document, while with the development of advanced customised digital glossaries, we refine the technical language for each client and update it in a shared platform, which can also be used later to maintain the consistency and fidelity of the texts to the client's corporate and regulatory terminology

Computer-aided translation for the exporting industry

Technical translators and proofreaders are supported by translation memories and computer-aided translation systems (CAT tools), which are essential for ensuring consistency within the same document, in long-term projects, and in text updates on existing products or new releases. Thus, perfect linguistic homogeneity is preserved in style as well as in vocabulary usage



  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • LibreOffice


  • Adobe InDesign


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • WordPress

Technical translations mean the translation of user manuals, data sheets, handouts, professional catalogs, and product guides for all kinds of industries operating in technical areas.

Technical translations are carried out by professional native translators who specialize in different technical expertise areas.

3 pricing plans for technical translation services.

Tailored to different needs based on document type, purpose and budget are the three different pricing plans offered by Mercury Translations.

If, for example, for the development of a new product, the R&D division needs translations for informational purposes only, it will be offered a Standard type of final quality check.

On the other hand, for translations that are rich in specific concepts and legal terms from contracts, a legal department will need to be able to count on a multi-step quality control with the highest level of revision accuracy offered by our Premium pricing plan.


  • Terminology glossary
  • Native qualified translator
  • Automated quality check

Standard Plus

  • Terminology glossary
  • Native qualified translator
  • Automated quality check
  • Qualified linguist quality check


  • Terminology glossary
  • Native qualified translator
  • Automated quality check
  • Qualified linguist quality check
  • Senior translator quality check

10 reasons to choose Mercury

For 25 years we have been providing professional translation services from law firms to large multinationals

Our team of translators and proofreaders are professionals specialised in different expertise areas

We provide professional translations in around 50 language combinations

Depending on the type of document to be translated, we have the pricing plan that best suits your needs

We are a high-tech company, from computer-aided translation to the latest generation of machine translation systems

In 25 years, we have gained considerable experience in different industries

Depending on the type of document, specific quality checks are performed to ensure the accuracy of the translation

All our procedures comply with the ISO 17100:2015 Standard

In the handling of received documents, a number of procedures are applied to protect the security and privacy of your data

Thanks to a team of around 1,500 translators and proofreaders, we are able to meet all kinds of needs in terms of delivery time

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