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Specialist scientific translations

Translations of scientific articles and papers, medical reports and medical records, package inserts and all kinds of documentation needed for clinical trials, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics: for over 25 years from Milan and Brescia, we have been the point of reference for scientific translations for clients in the biotech, pharmaceutical and medical

Translating for Research and Life Sciences worlds

For scientific language services, native translators and proofreaders are selected on the basis of expertise in individual Life Sciences disciplines: with a university education consistent with the client's specialized field, they ensure complete mastery of technical terminology and specific writing conventions

Medical writing and scientific translation areas

Mercury Translations' language services offer the same reliability in the translation world as scientific evidence does in medical science. That is why for scientific translations they have relied on us:
• Medicine and healthcare - hospital facilities
• Research - laboratories and university institutes
• Publishing and popular science
• Medical and health professionals
• Pharmaceutical companies
• Biotechnology, chemical, veterinary industries
• Cosmetic and nutraceutical companies
• Medical devices-electromedical equipment manufacturers
• Law firms, legal departments of life science and biotech companies, insurance companies, for regulatory aspects

Translating Science: not just medical records

The translation of scientific documents may be necessary for dissemination or educational, regulatory and regulatory, publication and academic sharing purposes, i.e., for different purposes, areas and contexts, and may concern::
• package inserts, drug labels and packaging
• pharmacovigilance and materiovigilance documentation
• medical reports and records, medical documentation
• scientific papers, publications and articles
• documentation for clinical trials and CROs
• documents for regulatory bodies, certifications and safety data sheets
• catalogs and user manuals for medical equipment
• scientific reports and research
• university STEM faculty theses
• texts for medical practice litigation and court reports

Customised glossaries on scientific papers

We complement the work of our expert scientific linguists with the implementation of customised digital glossaries, updated regularly according to the canons of the scientific language of reference for each client in a shared platform, which can also be used later to maintain the consistency and fidelity of texts to the client's corporate and regulatory semantics

CAT-assisted translations for the scientific world

As with technical translations, in Mercury scientific translators and reviewers are supported by translation memories and computer-aided translation systems (CAT tools), which are essential for ensuring consistency within the same document, in long-term projects, and in text updates on existing products or new releases. Thus, perfect linguistic homogeneity is preserved in style as well as in vocabulary usage

Data confidentiality and security

At Mercury, confidentiality and data security are paramount. For more information on the measures we take to ensure the confidentiality and security of your documents, please see our Data Confidentiality and Security page

Clients who trust us!

3 pricing plans for scientific translation services

Tailored to different needs based on document type, purpose and budget are the three pricing plans developed by Mercury Translations for professional translations related to different fields of scientific knowledge.

If, for example, the product department of a multinational medical company needs to translate documentation solely for informational purposes for a new packaging in a known language such as English, it will consider standard quality control sufficient.

On the other hand, when translating a medical volume rich in specific concepts and terminology, a scientific publisher will need to be able to rely on the highest level of linguistic accuracy through particularly thorough quality control, a level offered by our Premium pricing plan.


  • Terminology glossary
  • Native qualified translator
  • Automated quality check

Standard Plus

  • Terminology glossary
  • Native qualified translator
  • Automated quality check
  • Qualified linguist quality check


  • Terminology glossary
  • Native qualified translator
  • Automated quality check
  • Qualified linguist quality check
  • Senior translator quality check

10 reasons to choose Mercury

For 25 years we have been providing professional translation services from law firms to large multinationals

Our team of translators and proofreaders are professionals specialised in different expertise areas

We provide professional translations in around 50 language combinations

Depending on the type of document to be translated, we have the pricing plan that best suits your needs

We are a high-tech company, from computer-aided translation to the latest generation of machine translation systems

In 25 years, we have gained considerable experience in different industries

Depending on the type of document, specific quality checks are performed to ensure the accuracy of the translation

All our procedures comply with the ISO 17100:2015 Standard

In the handling of received documents, a number of procedures are applied to protect the security and privacy of your data

Thanks to a team of around 1,500 translators and proofreaders, we are able to meet all kinds of needs in terms of delivery time

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