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Patent translations

Prior art

Many patents are published worldwide in a foreign language other than English.
During prior art searches, translations are often needed in order to evaluate and decide whether or not to proceed with the patent application.

Mercury offers an affordable pricing plan for translating prior art search documents.
These documents are only for information purposes and there is no need to have the same level of quality as with a patent that is to be published.

All  translations are performed by a human translator and not by machine translation systems.


Patent applications require pinpoint accuracy and detailed knowledge of key technical terms and patent wording.
Otherwise their validity can be challenged, putting your intellectual property rights at risk.

A high level of accuracy is vital when translating patent applications into other languages.
Such accuracy can only be obtained through quality assurance procedures that include highly skilled translators, a thorough proofreading by an internal linguist and the assistance of a field expert for terminology confirmation.


Complex legal issues revolve around the correct interpretation of each word and the exact meaning of each phrase.

A poor translation that leaves you open to ambiguity and misinterpretation puts you at risk of patent infringement and damages actions.

Translating patent litigation documents is a very challenging task. Translated documents must convey the precise meaning of the original in order to be properly interpreted in all legal proceedings.

In addition, these documents are a mix of technical, legal and patent terminology and phraseology.

Three pricing plans

A document’s importance depends on its use.

For example,  an R&D  department, when developing a new product, needs to check research papers and publications in foreign languages. These may need to be translated into their native language.

As these documents are used only for information purposes and for internal use, a standard quality assurance check may be enough.

On the other hand, a legal department that needs to translate a corporate agreement, with highly specific legal concepts and terms, needs a translation with an exceptional level of accuracy.

For these and other scenarios, Mercury offers three different pricing plans to meet the requirements of every document.


Prior art
  • Terminology glossary
  • Native qualified translator
  • Automated quality check

Standard Plus

Patent applications
  • Terminology glossary
  • Native qualified translator
  • Automated quality check
  • Qualified linguist quality check


Patent oppositions
  • Terminology glossary
  • Native qualified translator
  • Automated quality check
  • Qualified linguist quality check
  • Senior translator quality check

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