Translations for the mechanical engineering industry
a case study


One of the most important and best-known manufacturers of mechanical components for bicycles at an international level needed to file its patents in Italy, so it was looking for a specialized translation firm with the right organizational skills to handle a large number of patents on a regular and continuous basis. 


At the organizational level, a team dedicated to this client was created, consisting of a dozen professionals including specialized translators and technical prroreaders with expertise in the mechanical area.
Thanks to a synergy with their patent attorneys, it was possible to achieve a high level of homogeneity in technical terminology and translated patents.

The level of satisfaction was very high, given the quality of the translations and the very short production times thanks to the large number of translators dedicated to this project.

Mercury Translations

Mercury is a translation firm with more than 25 years of experience in the  Intellectual Property (Patents and Trademarks) area.

Among its clients there are international companies that are leaders in their field, and patent offices that are among the most renowned on a national and international level.


Confidentiality and data security in the management of confidential data is of fundamental importance in the Intellectual Property area.

Find out how Mercury protects your data in order to avoid any unauthorized tampering.

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Translations for the chemical industry
a case study

Translations for the chemical industry
a case study

Mercury Translations
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