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Patent translations firm

Mercury Translations is a professional translation agency that specializes in many areas, but particularly in the translation of industrial, electronic, pharmaceutical, mechanical, scientific patents and many more.
Thanks to a team of native translators who are experts in the field, we are able to translate patents in more than 150 language combinations.

With over 25 years of experience and a team of 350 proofreaders, and thanks to the most modern computer aided translation tools, our Patent translations firm is able to guarantee its clients specific expertise and high quality standards in patent and trademark translations.

Patent translation, unlike many others, cannot be a free translation, but must be literal and faithfully respect the original. When researching terminology, our Patent translation firm strives to be precise in its glossary and to respect typical patent expressions, which is why our Patent translation firm only works with translators and proofreaders who are experts in the field.

Protecting and safeguarding Intellectual Property has never been more relevant than in this day and age, and with our Patent translations firm we will help you protect the uniqueness of your idea.

Patent translations

Prior art

Many patents around the world are published in a foreign language other than English. For this reason, it is often necessary to have a reliable translation of existing patents available to verify the novelty requirement


Patent translation requires both in-depth technical knowledge and patent law expertise. Translation inaccuracies can compromise the validity of a patent and put your intellectual property rights at risk


To ensure a level of accuracy appropriate for patent litigation, it is necessary to provide multiple levels of quality control that only a team of professional translators along with specialized legal reviewers can provide

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